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  • Our nursery follows the Montessori education which is in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

    • The Montessori approach, now over hundred years old with its unique activities which represent the core of the Montessori early years curriculum. Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. In 1896 she became the first woman doctor of medicine, subsequently she worked in a Psychiatric Clinic in Rome with “intellectually disabled” children. In 1907 Montessori set up a school, ‘Casa dei Bambini’ for young children in one of Rome’s poorest areas. She provided a place where the children took care of their own environment and were given interesting things to play with, which were reality based, and challenged them in different ways. This initial experiment led Montessori to believe that the best approach when working with young children is that of ‘following the child.’

    • Many of the Montessori activities are self-correcting with an in built ‘control of error’ and are made from natural resources such as glass jugs, metal spoons, wooden trays, blocks which make the activity attractive to the child. The activities serve a purpose to facilitate the child’s independent learning and development.

    • Montessori Nursery, Ofsted Registered

    • Registered for age groups, 2 – 5 years

    My journey as an Early Years practitioner began in 2006, when I began my training as a Montessori teacher at Montessori Centre International, London.

    I was inspired to become Montessori teacher as I saw the need to help my own children in their education. I recognised that the need to look at how young children learn in the early years is fundamental in later education years.

    My educational qualifications include the International Diploma in Montessori, Early Years and Infant Toddler Diplomas, I also have a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies.

    As a Montessori teacher I have worked in many nurseries with children from birth to five years, who have individual needs and abilities. I have extensive experience in working with children, which also include children with specific needs.

    “Thank you very much for all your hard work and help you provided for L. We are so grateful and we know L will remember you for many years to come and we can’t thank you enough!” – Marina (July 2020)

    I cannot recommend Red Pebbles Montessori Nursery enough. When I placed my daughter here I was concerned with her development but now I have no concerns and am one of the proudest parents. Because of Red Pebbles I have an independent, confident and capable young girl. I also cannot praise them enough when it comes to education as my daughter has impressed me with her knowledge. She has developed outstanding social skills and can introduce herself and hold a conversation perfectly with people of all ages. I was kept extremely well informed at all times as to any developments or issues (very few of these) regarding my daughter the same day. The effort they put into nurturing and caring for my daughter went above and beyond. – Caroline (July 2020)

    “We are very happy that you have taken good care of our son’s early steps of schooling and learning. We have noticed a great transition in him during his time with you. You have shaped him to adjust with the school environment. We hope that with your guidance and teachings, he will make a good start in his school and prosper academically.
    We personally thank Ms Neeta, Ms Rachel and Ms Hansi for all that you have done for V.”
    – Srujana & Kalyan (July 2019)

    “Red Pebbles Montessori Nursery is a lovely Nursery and one that our daughter looks forward to going to every day.
    She has learned so much in the time she has been there and goes into Reception year well prepared both academically and emotionally she has a great relationship with all the staff and pupils who I am sure she will miss.
    Thank you to Ms Neeta Parekh and your staff for looking after Kayla and doing a great job getting her prepared.”
    – Darren and Kamila (July 2018)

    “I’d like to thank you for another wonderful year of nursery for my son.
    He really loves coming to your setting and we genuinely feel that he is very ahead of his peers in terms of speech, understanding and intelligence due to the effort you have invested in him. We know this because he attends another setting (due to childcare) and he is just ‘looked after’ whilst there.
    You have taught him the alphabet, numbers, odds/evens, months of the year, how to count, spell his name and those of his friends and he’s only 3 years old! You’ve given him tools which will help him no end when he starts big school.
    However, it’s not just the education side of things you’ve helped with, he’d still be doing his ‘number 2’s’ in nappies if it weren’t for you! We struggled for months but your determination, as his teacher, was really lovely.
    My husband and I can tell how much you care for our son and all the other children you teach which in turn makes the children really look up to you and want to impress you. You’ve also given our son greater understanding of the world around him for example during the recent world cup, you showed him how to paint an England flag to wave and explained the concept.
    Neeta, as soon as our younger child is older we will be bringing him to you so that you can work your magic again. In really hope that other parent’s send their children to you as it’s the best decision they will make for their child’s future. You always are professional, caring, genuine, honest, helpful, kind and we have never ever got the feel that this you just a business to you or that you just want to take our money and ‘look after’ our son. You are passionate about teaching and getting children to reach their full potential and you have definitely achieved this with our child.
    We are extremely indebted to you.”
    – Josie & Franc (July 2018)

    “My Daughter has been going to Red Pebbles Nursery since she was 2.5 years old and has really enjoyed coming to nursery, making new friends. She has learnt so much since being here and I could not ask more from a nursery. The staff are really friendly, kind and helpful. We will really miss them when she moves on to big school.” – Corina (July 2018)

    “My Son was 2 and half years old when he started at Red Pebbles. He has been attending pre-school there 3 days a week for 7 Months, his social and verbal skills have increased exponentially. He also now can count to 10 and name most colours. I am immensely proud and would recommend any parent to apply here.” – Keira

    “M has been going to Red Pebbles Montessori nursery for over a year now, when M started nursery he was very shy and wasn’t very good at talking with the other kids and sharing toys. His speech wasn’t very good but the Montessori nursery has been very good with M, his speech has come on very very good and He shares his toys more. The nursery staff are very nice and are very good with M. They take their time with M to help him with his words, shapes and numbers. I can see a big difference in M since he started the nursery. Miss Neeta is a very nice lady and takes time to tell you about M’s day and how he has been getting on in school and the other ladies are also very nice. I Give them 100%” – Pamela

    “I firstly want to thank all of the teachers who work with my daughter, but mostly Neeta for giving my daughter the opportunity to go to school here. Since attending Red Pebbles ‘I’ has thrived, her speech, knowledge, understanding and behaviour have all benefited from this school and their wonderful teachers. My daughter is now excelling in things for someone of her age and someone older is achieving, and she has been for quite some time now. I love the fact she is always learning new things and developing key skills. She really has come a long way and I would highly recommend this school to anyone. Thank you again for all of your help and support and for giving my daughter the best start possible in education. Your dedication & hard work is much appreciated.” – Sian

    “To all the staff & teachers at Red Pebbles Nursery. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing work, teaching, support you have done with my child from colours, shape, letters, numbers, his speech, manners. I was amazed at how fast he learned in such a short while.
    Many thanks.”
    – Philomena

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    “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.”

    Maria Montessori